Chancellor’s Leadership Class

Jumpstart your Mizzou experience with the Chancellor’s Leadership Class.

President Choi talks with students in the Chancellor's Leadership Class.

President Choi talks with students in the Chancellor’s Leadership Class.

Since 1980, the Chancellor’s Leadership Class has recognized a select group of first-year students from diverse backgrounds who share the enthusiasm and potential to make a positive difference in the world.

Leadership is a set of skills that everyone can grow, and with this 1-credit-hour course, you’ll start on your leadership journey. The course offers practical and proven strategies to help you become a more effective communicator, develop your people skills, enhance your self-confidence, and gain strategies for leading yourself and others.

Through a hands-on curriculum, you’ll complete real-world activities, collaborate with peers, and engage with leadership coaches to chart a personal leadership path that will set you up for success at Mizzou and beyond!

Applications are being accepted for Spring 2023 semester. The deadline is Oct. 1, 2022.