Photo of Monique Luisi

Monique Luisi, Ph.D.

Novak Affiliate Teaching Faculty

Monique Luisi, Ph.D, is an assistant professor of Strategic Communication at the Missouri School of Journalism. Her areas of expertise include audience research, health communication, social media, and strategic communication.

Luisi has more than 10 years of teaching experience at the university level, and for each course she teaches, her goal is to create communities that are collaborative and dynamic.

In her role as affiliate faculty for the Novak Leadership Institute, Luisi teaches the Chancellor’s Leadership Class, which provides first-year students strategies to help improve their communication and people skills while building self-confidence and leadership capability. Luisi’s goal is to connect leadership with diverse perspectives and opportunities, particularly with disabilities, gender, and race.

In her own words: “Good leadership requires skills and flexibility. It involves discernment, networking, and compassion. Being able to communicate, delegate, and listen are also important. Sometimes leadership requires silence. It’s a dynamic process, and I think everyone has the potential to be a leader by enhancing their best traits.”

Author: Novak Leadership Institute