Photo of Jo Britt-Rankin

Jo Britt-Rankin, M.S., Ph.D.

Novak Affiliate Teaching Faculty

Jo Britt-Rankin is a University of Missouri Extension professor focused on nutrition, health, and family. As an affiliate faculty member for the Novak Leadership Institute, she teaches the Chancellor’s Leadership Class.

The Chancellor’s Leadership Class helps first-year students develop important communication and leadership skills that will serve them during their college journeys and beyond. Britt-Rankin believes the key to student success is the “Missouri method” by which students can take part in hands-on activities to refine their newly acquired communication and leadership skills before implementing them in a professional setting.

In her own words: “Being able to work with students who are so eager to learn about leadership is exciting to me. I feel providing leadership courses for students not only prepares them for student organizations, future classes, and community service, but it also provides them skills that can be utilized in their future careers.”

Author: Novak Leadership Institute